OBE Organic and I have put together a list of ‘Ramadan Healthy Eating Tips’ in order to help you enjoy delicious meals without sacrificing your health this Ramadan. These tips are also taking into consideration the long hours of fasting and how to maintain your energy levels in the best way possible, as well as of course keeping hunger at bay and remaining healthy throughout the month.

  • During Ramadan it is important to focus on eating more proteins as they help you keep hunger at bay. Because proteins are harder to digest than other food groups, they keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. Pair meats with complex carbs (such as barley, lentils, whole wheat, green wheat, semolina…etc) and high fiber foods such as (beans – white, red kidney – , corn, broccoli, artichokes…etc) all of these food types sustain you from hunger for longer times, and keep your body healthy. OBE Organic has an array of Organic, grass-fed and Halal beef cuts to choose from, keeping your options varied.
  • Don’t sacrifice your health during Ramadan. People tend to over indulge after breaking the fast, which troubles their digestive system and causes them to put on extra weight even though they fast the whole day. Beef is generally leaner than other red meats and it is important to choose healthier during Ramadan. OBE Organic cubes are perfect for stews and help you minimize the fat content of these stews.
  • Ramadan is a month where you can detox your body from all the toxins that could be building up and what better way to do this than eating only organic and grass-fed beef. Take this chance and choose OBE Organic Halal and Grass-fed beef that contains no chemicals or any toxins whatsoever and help your body detox. Visit our (blog, page, website etc) for a selection of delicious recipes to choose from.
  • Cook amazing meals this Ramadan without laboring too hard in the kitchen! Slow cooking is an excellent method to cook beef cubes, that intensifies the beautiful flavor of OBE Organic Halal Grass-fed Beef and produces very tender meat as well. Slow cooking in a slow cooker or the oven, not only helps you produce succulent food, but it also allows you more free time to rest and spend with your family. Slow cooking is also an excellent way to have Suhoor ready without spending hours at night preparing the meal. Simply prepare before you go to bed and wake up to a ready meal.
  • Proteins are a better source of energy than any other food type and you need to sustain your levels of energy during a long day’s fast. Carbs turn into sugars inside your body, which give you instant energy but then cause the energy levels to drop shortly after. While proteins give you a more enduring energy that lasts you way longer. Therefore it is best that you consume more proteins during the Holy month. OBE Organic, Halal, Grass-fed Beef is an excellent source of energy and comes in a variety of cuts to accommodate different styles of cooking.
  • OBE Organic, Halal, Grass-fed minced beef is an excellent choice of proteins to have for Suhoor without having to spend a long time in the early morning to prepare this meal. Minced meat does not require a long time to prepare and can be cooked and added to a lentil or barley pilaf, or fried with eggs, or made into oven-grilled kafta patties to be had with yogurt, all of which can be prepared real quick but will sustain you for a long time, enabling you to fast a long day with ease.
  • OBE Organic, Halal, Grass-fed beef is all natural and therefore really delicious. Healthy does not necessarily have to be tasteless and OBE Organic beef is full of flavor, therefore it does not have to be fried or rely on added fats for flavor. The various cuts of OBE Organic beef lend themselves very well for healthier cooking methods such as grilling, dry frying, and stewing.

Try to keep it balanced this Ramadan, and remember you want to focus on long lasting energy therefore carbs and sugars must me minimised as they quickly deplete your energy. Below is a list of relative links including links to some healthy recipes for you try this Ramadan (do browse this blog for more healthy recipes as there is many other ones that you will enjoy too).

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