I had been looking forward for Ramadan to start for a while now, and now that it is here, I can start sharing with you this year’s debut Ramadan Special posts. If you are new to this blog and don’t know what am talking about, I have an annual tradition of posting daily during the whole month of Ramadan. So here you will find new posts, new recipes, and stories everyday during the Holy month! For one, because I know most look for food inspirations for their Iftar and Suhoor tables, but also, every year I focus on bringing you some inspirations based on your requests and the best loved foods for Iftars and Suhoors. However even if you don’t fast, the food inspirations also work beyond Ramadan, so hopefully there is food inspiration for everyone.

Also every year, I like to go by a theme, and while last year my focus was on the culture of Ramadan, and its cultural practices and traditions as well as focusing on food in history, this year’s theme is “Inspired By The Fabulous People I Met On The Path Of Food“. Since this special is about these lovely people I have met, I have chosen to do the telling, by their own words and not mine. I am literally having you meet them by creating little videos with them, where they share with you a slice of their lives, the things they care most about and of course a recipe which they will be demonstrating in these videos. (You will find the detailed recipes here below each video).

Through these videos, and as is my tradition in Ramadan, I have aimed to bring you something delicious, something new, and something thoughtful (for you to think about too). Since the featured guests come from different backgrounds and different professional areas (all food related) each will bring you something different, so this should be fun for everyone.

Please note that all these videos are the way I like things: very organic and home-made, I have intentionally shot them using my stills camera and without any professional filming equipment whatsoever. I wanted to celebrate the ordinary, the everyday and the non-overprocessed reality of our daily lives. I had shot and edited these myself to bring you a small production the aims of which is to hopefully inspire you one way or another. Therefore, and depending on the locations, you will hear some background noises that were inevitable at times, and sometimes affecting the overall quality of sound as I also did not used any mics or sound equipment whatsoever. Therefore, you might have to turn up the volume. I had captured all these people in their natural environments, at work, at home and wherever they are, nothing was staged, or studio recorded. But bear in mind the beauty of these videos is in how organic and true they are, exactly like what I always prefer: Not perfect but 100% real. Real people, real issues and real tips that worked for them. So turn on your HD settings, sit back and enjoy these short films and most importantly get to know my great people and show us all some love with your feedback.

BTW,  I tried to keep the videos within the 5-minute attention span, however some had to be slightly longer to be thorough. Somethings are worth a little extra of our time!

So come back tomorrow for the first video and welcome Ramadan. Welcome to my Ramadan Special 2014 🙂

Here are some trailers

“Always look for the people behind the names. Look for the people behind the brands. It is the people who always matter the most. Remember, it actually is the people who make the brand interesting.” – DS Ramadan Special 2014

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