The Best Cheese Dip Ever!!

Who does not like melted cheese !😋 and when the melted cheese is camembert OH MY!! We all know camembert cheese is delicious! It has that distinct flavor and when experienced (especially melted) it takes you to places evoking some dewy meadows in the French Provence, on those cool spring days, perhaps a bicycle, a picnic blanket a baguette are in the picture and of course some good company… All of which are absolutely social eating experiences, all of which define good eating experiences.


I must say I have found a brand of French butter and cheese that I absolutely love, Grand Fermage and they have just recently launched their products in the UAE. Their range is not just good quality and delicious, but I find them very likeminded to my range of products and ethos. You know I am all about the produce, the raw materials, the basic ingredient. All about the earth and sustainable practices, and at Grand Fermage, they are a group of farmers who care about nature and their cows. As you know I always look for products that value green, humane and sustainable practices and when it comes to brands I choose to buy/deal with I always choose these above the rest. These are huge decisive factors for me to select the brands/products I use. and so I do recommend you try their products.


Tasting Grand Fermage Camembert, and in celebration of their launch in the UAE,  I wanted to create a recipe for this region. A recipe that fuses this distinctive French cheese and flavours of the Middle East. And while we all love figs jam with cheeses I find that my beetroot jam is a whole other story, a whole other level of gourmet. Adding the green pistachios evoking the colours of this region, and a very distinct Middle Eastern flavour, the combination is Heavenly. It could very well be the most interesting combination.

Try it and serve it with your Cheeseboards or just on its own you will love dipping and sipping 😉

This is the kind of food that makes snacking with friends so so special 

Watch video above for instruction demonstration.


Pulse the pistachios in a food processor until resemble coarse crumbs. Place in a wide container and set aside.

Spread DS Beetroot Jam all over the Grand Fermage Camembert wheel, then dip the wheel in the pistachio to cover.

Place in a tight container lined with parchment paper and bake in 180C oven for 12 minutes.


Once done carry with parchment paper into serving bowl, and serve with toasted sliced DS Sesame Kaek and extra DS Beetroot Jam on the side.

Absolutely Heavenly!




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