Dress a salad or serve as dip

Don’t you just love things that have many uses? I do. Making this delicious dressing for salads also gives you a dip for crudites, assorted bread sticks and even for dipping chicken wings, fish fingers, breaded chicken, mushrooms, shrimps or even mussels…etc.

I even use this dressing in making a savoury cheesecake, I simply add it to the rest of the ingredients for a sharper cheese flavour. Super easy to make and handy to have in the fridge.

In case you were wondering how blue cheese is made, I have included for you a little video that shows you the process of making Stilton cheese, it pretty much explains how most blue cheeses are made today.


1 tbsp white wine vinegar or white grape vinegar

3 tbsp whipping cream

1 tbsp natural yoghurt

5 chives sprigs, finely chopped

A piece of blue cheese, crumbled (size depending on how sharp you want the dressing)

Salt & Black pepper to taste

Make your cream dressing

Place all the ingredients, except the chives, in a bowl and vigorously whisking until all are well incorporated.

Add the chives and stir to incorporate.

Place in the fridge until ready to use.

You can make two options of this salad dressing.

  1. you can make a cream salad dressing, where you omit the blue cheese. Not everyone is into blue cheeses and this cream dressing is also a very good salad dressing.
  2. or the actual blue cheese dressing here.

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