Baking Staples

Rich, creamy, tangy and simply gorgeous!

A good cream cheese frosting is one of those basic baking recipes that you must have. There is not a cake or bake that would not love the cream cheese frosting. It is a must for carrot cakes as we all know, the same for any spice cakes really, however, it also elevates a regular vanilla cake adding that little bit extra to make it more special and delightful. the addition of the cream cheese adds richness and tartness to the otherwise milder and shallower butter cream. Therefore, whenever you wish to add depth to the flavour and oomf, then this is the frosting to do that for you.

If a regular cream cheese frosting can do that, then just think what a chocolate cream cheese frosting will do… this will be the ultimate of cake frostings. Rich, luscious and deeply flavoursome, isn’t this exactly why we spend all the time baking? To establish those flavours to create that depth in the experience of tasting… So to help you do that I have included both recipes.

Happy Baking… 🙂


½ stick butter, at room temperature
250g Mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
450g icing sugar, sifted
1/4 tsp salt
½ tsp vanilla extract (recipe on this link)

Homemade Vegan Food Colouring if necessary (recipe on this link)


Start by whipping the butter, making sure to work it until it is pale and creamy, then add the cream cheese, salt and vanilla extract whip all well to incorporate.

Gradually, add the sifted icing sugar, making sure to fully incorporate before each addition.

Once all the sugar is added whip all to fluff and establish a smooth creamy consistency.

Use to frost and fill cakes, cupcakes. Also use in creating parfait layers.


If you wish to tint your frosting, then add homemade vegan food colouring gradually and in small amounts until you achieve the desired shade. Mix really well scraping the sides and the bottom of your icing as you do.

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