Never enough Sambal recipes!

This thick, sweet soy dip is a versatile condiment, and is used in many applications in Indonesian cuisine. If you had a chance to visit Indonesia/Bali, you must be familiar with this sauce that’s served everywhere most commonly with satays but also especially with deep fried foods and mostly fried seafood. This sauce is delicious however way you serve it. Make it at home and serve next to fried or even BBQ’ed meats and seafood. Serve it with fried rice, or with samosas. you will love it. It simply adds a sweet and spicy Asian flavor to any food you serve.


Sambal is crucial to Indonesian cuisine! Indonesian people rarely eat a meal or a savory snack without a variety of Sambal (spicy paste, usually including chilies, a mix of spices, fruits, vegetables or peanuts) or sauce. As I am sharing a variety of Indonesian/Balinese cuisine recipes for you to try at home, I am also sharing with you videos and links that cover all you need to know to plan your trip to Bali. This is a destination that you will love and fully enjoy, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or group of friends or even as a family. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Bali. In my previous post (Peanut Satay Dip), which besides sharing the recipe, I had also shared with you many options for where to stay in Bali (covering all budgets), and a video for the top 30 restaurants to visit while in Bali. In today’s post I am sharing with you the one video that covers all you need to know to organise a trip to Bali (the information you need to know before packing your bags). As well as where to shop, what to buy in Bali links at the end of the post. I am hoping that by the end of my Bali series posts, you will have a full picture of what to do, what to eat, where to stay and what to buy… a comprehensive understanding of the destination BALI… so read on, enjoy and cook this amazing food at home, and consider a trip to Bali, it is so much fun.



250 ml sweet soy sauce

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1-2 red chilies, sliced (quantity depending desired heat amount)

1-2 green chilies, sliced (quantity depending desired heat amount)

1 medium tomato, diced

a sprinkling of salt if needed (depending the type of sweet soy you use, taste to tell)


Mix all the ingredients well together in a bowl.

Serve alongside fried foods, satays or rice based dishes.

Place in a clean, airtight container and refrigerate for up to 1 month.

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