#MyDubai is Italian gorge at the moment

and I must say lovin’ every minute of this musical language and equally romantic affair with food, where the description of ingredients sounds like love letters written by a smitten lover who’s just met his soulmate. Flirting with the colour of a tomato’s skin, and admiring the textures of pasta and voluptuous sauces as though they were the curves of the most beautiful woman on earth!!!

Romance and love are dreamy feelings that warm our hearts; and the plates produced in these Michelin chefs’ kitchens recreate that dream of a first date, of instant love, of passion and the warmth it all leaves in our hearts…

Being one who appreciates words and the effect they have on us, I am revelling just as much on the spoken descriptions as I am on the actual creation and flavor of the food… Because those who can describe their food so fully, have lived the experience with so much passion and poured their hearts on that plate! Perhaps that is exactly why they are STARS…..

Book your masterclasses and see for yourself…

Photo from yesterday’s Italian Cuisine World Summit opening Gala Party. Mark Zitti and Fratelli Coltelli, that band made the night so fun with the Italian partly swing partly Contemp Jazz tunes 🙂 videos on the playlist below:


Yalla be back soon….

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