Throughout November 2014, Dubai hosts the 6th edition of the Italian Cuisine World Summit

The Italian Cuisine World Summit is the most important appointment in Dubai celebrating high end Italian cuisine, where over 40 Master Italian Chefs from all over the world, among whom are over 30 Michelin starred chefs, will take over the city’s most upscale Italian restaurants. The guest chefs along with the resident Italian chefs will be serving Dubai an extraordinary celebration of Italy’s best fine dining experiences.

This event will make Dubai, during its course, the most star-studded culinary heaven in the region! In fact, perhaps even in the world!

Dima Sharif is appointed the public face and official blogger for the Italian Cuisine World Summit. As such I will be closely following the event, introducing the chefs, their specialities and sharing with you bits and pieces of what is taking place throughout the summit on my various social networks and through my blog and newsletter.

This video is an introduction to the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2014, featuring some of the guest chefs. More posts, articles, videos and shares are to come so make sure to subscribe to Dima Al Sharif youtube channel (there might even be some live streaming at some point!).

Stay tuned and follow ‘my journey with the Italians as they take over culinary Dubai’.


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