Meeting with the Deputy Director of ‘IFOAM’

Last Friday, on the first day of the Farmers’ Market on The terrace, I met with Thomas Cierpka, the Deputy Director of the International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). We chatted about the importance of going organic not only from a health perspective, but also from the basis that this is the only way to sustainable farming and quite simply to continue…

I know I have been telling you loads about this stuff, but I wouldn’t be posting so much about this had it not been relevant or significant. Sustainability, organic farming and supporting local produce, eating seasonal and slowing down a little is very essential nowadays more than ever…

Why? And what can individuals do to help?

These are all questions that are answered in the video above. Watch as I chat with Thomas Cierpka about the importance of organic farming, and farmers’ markets… then move on to talk about our responsibility towards the future. Learning about the organisation (IFOAM) and what individuals can do to support #Organic & #Sustainability…

All the more reason to wake up every Friday morning and head to the farmers market. Where you can meet the farmers, talk to them and actually support them. Where you can make the choice to buy local produce, support local farming and the people who are working so hard to raise awareness about organic farming, sustainable eating and slow food among other sustainable interests….

I’d say these are all causes worth waking up early for… and would encourage you to be very mindful in your choices… why not? You can only be doing good that way.


Enjoy & see you there tomorrow, I guess 🙂
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