A 2-Michelin-Star Treat!

In this episode, Michelin Chef Oliver Glowig shows us how to prepare a decadent and impressive appetiser that you can easily recreate and serve at home as an impressive starter to your meal.

Watch as Chef Oliver, prepares and plates this beautiful dish. You can serve this as it is prepared here, or you can be inspired along the same lines and create your own very impressive appetiser. You can also serve the stuffed baby artichoke and lobster carpaccio without the sauce in pass around cocktail parties. Also this lobster carpaccio is so delicious, you can serve it on its own over crostini as a starter or in pass around parties.

This video was filmed using my mobile phone so excuse the light fluctuations and rolling effect 🙂

Click this link for how to prepare an artichoke heart for stuffing.

Oliver Glowig

Chef Oliver is a 2 star Michelin Chef, who started his journey alongside his father in Germany. Those early days were marked by his food curiosity and took on an adventurous style. This journey soon took on a passion for artistic experimentation.

The art of Chef Oliver is embodied in a journey of flavors and emotions that guide his path. He left Germany in 2001, a year after he earned his first Michelin star restaurant “Watercolor” in Monaco of Bavaria. Headed to the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, where he is the Executive Chef of the restaurant “L’Olivo”. In 2004, he confirmed the star he’d earned in Germany, and in 2006, he was recognised with a second Michelin star and 17/20 L’Espresso.


“With two Michelin stars, preceded by a score of 17/20 on the Guide de L’Espresso, the restaurant of Oliver Glowing ranks among the top Italian restaurants.” 



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