The most popularised tea in recent years

Moroccan tea

is the one tea tradition that had been most popularised in recent years. While it never used to be so widely accessible, Moroccan tea is now served in almost all coffee shops, Shisha places and restaurants. It is even becoming the tea of choice in most houses!

Known to be tasty but mostly famous for being stylish to serve; thanks to its dainty (at times colourful) and embellished cups and the good looking, fat-bellied silver tea pot (commonly referred to as the Manchester shape tea pot), all placed over an equally attractive silver tray with embossed embellishments.

Moroccan tea is especially popular during Ramadan, where most people would have not just one, but at least three cups of tea after Iftar. The tea is then had throughout the evening, with Arabic sweets and at times with Shisha or during card or backgammon games. Moroccan tea is also flavoured with mint, usually spearmint, while other types of mint can also be used.

The Moroccans too, enjoy their tea fairly sweet, however the tea can be had with little sugar or non at all. Everyone has a method for preparing “Moroccan Tea” but it generally goes as follows…


  • 750 ml water
  • 1 tbsp loose dried Moroccan green tea leaves
  • 70 g sugar
  • A handful of fresh spearmint leaves

Boil the water.

In a separate pot, place the tea, sugar and mint then cover with the boiling water. Leave to steep for 3 minutes.

Stir lightly at the end of the three minutes.

Serve, lifting the pot as you pour to aerate the tea.


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