I miss winters!

The cold weather outside, the rain and the smell of earth after rain! The layers of clothes, and cosy dimmed indoors. The fireplace, real thick socks, roasted chestnuts and a good book, all make for the perfect unwinding treat for me! Growing up in the harsh winters of Amman, I never took much joy in the cold weather. Now, living in Dubai, I actually miss that whole winter experience! I never realised this during the time living in Amman, but weather change is actually good for you. The rejuvenation, the sense of change and moving forward are all reflected by seasonal change. The produce and therefore food choices change as the seasons turn. All these are things we miss when living in areas of moderate climate change.

I know many of you are living in areas where it is getting colder by the minute, so here are some beverages that can keep you warm and help you unwind! For the rest of us, we can still enjoy a cup of hot chocolate any time too! Who doesn’t like chocolate? You can serve these really good beverages to anyone, and you will be serving them a treat! Don’t forget to leave a cup of Santa too!

And there you have it! A collection of the best winter drinks for you to enjoy at home during the festive season, and then some! How about you, what are your most preferred festive beverages? Share your inspirations with me, I love nothing more than hearing your stories… 

Before I go, here is a fun festive video for you to watch and Merry Christmas to all of you.

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