Variety is always appreciated

When entertaining, or on occasions, I like to offer my guests a variety of beverages. Even, when it comes to traditional beverages like coffees and teas, I always like to offer a variety of options. I find this to be very elegant and also very welcoming, as you do go the extra mile to make this part as memorable as the meal you serve. As such, I always like to consider the overall occasion, mood, as well as foods and desserts I will be serving, then based on that, I make the choice of beverages.

I remember on my first Baking Course, it was a pleasant surprise to the participants, as they expressed on one of the sessions, how I was offering different flavour teas with the different cakes we baked to show them how they can pair flavours. This has the same effect on my guests at home too 🙂

There is always the traditional hot beverages, which are great and at times nothing else would do. So by all means do keep those on the menu. However, do also offer other hot beverages too. For example, even these traditional beverages, like food, can be layered with flavour and enhanced for a new experience or a specific pairing with desserts. It is all about experimenting with flavours, textures and being open to new combinations.


In order to help you offer your guests that something extra when entertaining, I have shared some recipes for a variety of these stylish hot beverages on this website. Many of which are based on traditional coffees and teas. For starters, try experimenting with the ones on the following links:

All these options are very tasty and enhance the flavours of your desserts. They help you welcome your guests in style. Experiment and don’t be afraid to come up with your own signature hot drinks too!


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