What party happens without some real good beverages?


Not every party has to offer food but parties must offer beverages! Most parties offer alcoholic beverages, but for those who wish to have an alcohol-free event, or thinking of their guests who do not drink then non-alcoholic beverages are just as attractive. Heck; you can even have these virgin beverages set up on a bar, with a bartender asking your guests whether they want the drink, stirred or shaken?!! Why not? Have fun and live fully!


If you are throwing a party and wondering what non-alcoholic beverages to offer, then the video above and the links below will show you how to make some of the essential party beverages that will impress your guests. This collection of cold beverages is also good for home and home hospitality, not just big parties. The links below are basic and essential, however, they are a perfect base to build other mocktails on.



Use juices instead of water in making the ice cubes. This way you will get more attractive and colourful ice cubes that will not water-down your drinks. For a super simple drink; top juice ice cubes with Soda water and you got yourself a sparkling juice drink already!



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presentation is always key! Always be ‘The Host With The Most’ and think of your guests who do not drink alcohol, and serve them beverages that are just as impressive!


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    1. I could see that, your photos made me go and make a pink lemonade myself 😉 lol
      Glad you like them, they are very refreshing and a fabulous idea to beat the heat of the summer. Super cool for home-entertaining too :))

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