So here we go, another Ramadan Special behind us and a whole lot of topics, people, brands, causes and things to consider. While each guest comes from a different background, and each demonstrated and explored their area of interest, there was one consistent message that I have focused on this Ramadan Special and wanted to bring to your attention, and that is….

let’s make responsible choices, regardless of what we do, let’s always ensure we are aware and mindful in all our choices.

From the children, to the future, to our relationships and daily dealings, to earth and our practices, food choices, business ethics, to even our personal lives… every single thing we do has an effect and every single tiny change makes a huge difference on all levels, personally, socially, globally and to what we leave behind and what we are eventually remembered by. This world is in our hands, and the future these children are inheriting is what we leave them with. That future starts now and we must pause and consider how

To Appreciate, love and give back a little to the world we share and live in. 


Watch the last episode of Ramadan Special 2014 and do take the time when possible to revisit these posts and listen to what’s been said and shared. I have put for you all the links below so you can easily check out the whole of #RamadanSpecial2014 once you have the time.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this Ramadan Special and these posts and videos. I hope that you have found inspiration, useful information and of course fun bits and pieces. As mentioned in the beginning, the videos are not perfect, not over processed and yes at times with technical issues, after all they were filmed using a mobile phone and a stills camera, no mics, no studios and intentionally 100% homemade. These videos are not meant for the oscars, in fact they could not get more organic. They are 100% real and most importantly made with love by myself in collaboration with my featured guests (not a professional filming crew).

Watch the last video and enjoy, do drop by again and let me hear from you, really I love nothing more.

Also do revisit these videos and I would love to hear your thoughts about this year’s Ramadan Special so do let me know what you think now that it is concluded 🙂

Ramadan Special 2014 Posts

Sustainable Food Words

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